I don't take being a photographer lightly. It's humbling to know that the images we get together will most likely be a part of your history. One that will be told and re-told over the years.

That being said, geez it's a blast to spend the time with you. It's magic and candy wrapped in chocolate all at once.

In EVERY single session I have ever done, there is a moment where I get to see the real you. The you that we keep close to us to protect us from the world. Maybe it's when your daughter squeezes you too silly and too tight but I see you melt and squeeze back. Often its on a high school senior session, when I know you just saw how beautiful you really are. Or at your wedding, gosh...your wedding. When you look at each other with so much promise and love that I'm sure all is right in the world.

I'd love to have the chance to laugh and share in those same moments with you as well.